About Our Company

About the Creator:></a>Aaron Peters is the founder and creator of Another Perspective. He will do any and everything in his power to make sure that you are getting the very best clothing experience. Another Perspective Clothing is bringing you new style, flavor and swagger for you to out do the competition wherever you are. Another Perspective symbolizes blocking out how the world perceives and views you as and giving them your own perspective. The logo has someone wearing a gas mask in it and that just simply symbolizes blocking out what everyone else thinks or views you as an giving them your unique perspective no matter what. He's a very passionate individual and has been consistently releasing new clothing since he was a freshman in college. Aaron is a graduate of Hampton University and continues to explore and upgrade his learning. If you ever wanted a reason to support a business you should really consider supporting his! I hope you enjoy shopping with us, Give the world your PERSPECTIVE!<br></p>
<p><img src=Aaron Peters, known to many as AP, is a clothing designer, entrepreneur, and all around dope creative. He is a native of Rahway, N.J. and a Hampton University graduate. He is the owner of Another Perspective Clothing Line. During his time at Hampton University his line generated tons of popularity and grew exponentially. From fashion shows, to pop up shops, to day parties, time and time again AP has found new, genius ways to expand his brand. He has now gotten his work in the hands of Lil Yachty, Fabolous, JadaKiss, and more. After receiving his M.B.A. from Hampton he relocated to Atlanta, G.A. AP continues to grow his line and his brand, proving that the sky’s the limit. Despite finding personal success, he is also rich in spirit, friendship, and graciousness. He gets a rush every time he sees someone feeling good and looking great in his clothing, knowing that he plays a part in making them feel confident. AP makes it his mission to uplift and give back to his community and his supporters. He recently hosted an Appreciation Pop Up along with some of his peers as a tribute to everyone who has supported him over the past 6 years. More information about his endeavors and apparel can be found on his IG @a1peters. His clothing line can be found @anotherclothingline.